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We’re thrilled to announce the 2019 Henry Jones Art Prize has been awarded to emerging Tasmanian artist Micheila Petersfield, announced last night at the launch of the finalists exhibition. Open only to Tasmanian emerging or early-career artists, 67 finalists unveiled their work last night, chosen from a strong field of over 120 submissions. The panel of judges were highly impressed by the calibre and diversity of work this year, but chose Petersfield’s piece, The Gesture; for the $20,000 prize.

“Simply stated, highly accomplished and extremely powerful.”

“At first glance the image is reminiscent of a fashion shoot – extremely polished and exuding sensuality and beauty, however after spending time with this artwork the underlying distortions start to allude to darker qualities and suggest an ambiguity of intent, sexuality and emotion.”

The judges wish to give an honourable mention to Shanshan Ai, Olivia Bowman and Timothy Coad. These three artworks showed innovation, originality and contribution to their chosen mediums. Joshua Andree also was awarded the Hanger’s Prize by the Packing Room team, courtesy of Artery Tasmania for his work Preservation. We are honoured to showcase these works by Tasmania’s finest emerging artists, and we hope our close connection with the Tasmania’s art community continues to grow.

The exhibition of all finalists is on show daily from 10am – 5pm until December 8, 2019 in the Packing Room, IXL Atrium, The Henry Jones Art Hotel. All artworks are available for purchase.


The votes have been counted and this year’s winner of the People’s Choice Award from the recent Henry Jones Art Prize is Tasmanian artist, Maggie Jeffries (pictured above) for her painting Beneath Our Feet, 2019. Maggie has received a $1,000 framing voucher courtesy of Wagner Framemakers. Thank you to all who stopped by the exhibition to view, vote or purchase impressive works by Tasmania’s finest emerging artists. Your support of Tasmania’s art community is greatly appreciated.

Beneath Our Feet’ was created as a homage to kunanyi / Mount Wellington, as a reminder of the importance of connection to land and significance of place. The piece was inspired by a passage from Greg Lehman’s Welcome to Country, which features the phrase ‘we walk where they walked’ (Greg Lehman, 2006). Created to pay respect to the original owners of this particular Tasmanian site, the painting also presents an enduring appreciation for this island’s unique landscape. The composition consists of several photographs taken up on the mountain, highlighting a selection of native plants and a combination of different sites, collaged together to form a pattern as unique as the subject itself. ‘Beneath Our Feet’ considers the notions of preservation and admiration of sacred sites, while also reflecting my personal connection to the mountain and the concept of place.

As promised one lucky voter was drawn at random to win a night at The Henry Jones Art Hotel. That lucky person is Annette O’Hern from Geilston Bay, Tasmania!  Congratulations!


This year, Artery have very generously provided a $1,000 art supplies voucher, to be awarded by the Packing Room team who curated and installed this exhibition. The winner of the 2019 Henry Jones Packing Room Prize is Joshua Andree for his artwork Preservation (Wreck of the Sydney Cove).  A beautiful example of Australian landscape.  The artist’s use of colour and technique makes the work feel like it’s moving, almost as if viewing from a window, with the context never a miss in the foreground.


Hobart-based emerging visual artist Laura E Kennedy was awarded the inaugural Henry Jones Art Prize at a VIP function last year, launching the exhibition of finalists at the IXL Packing Room. 137 contemporary Tasmanian artworks were submitted for the prize, which included embroidery, watercolour, sculpture, oils, origami and fine printmaking. 54 finalists were chosen exhibit for the prize.

The winning artwork by Laura E Kennedy is titled “Albert hoped that by puffing up the extremities of his girth he would sufficiently intimidate the obnoxious invaders”. It features an owl, made with mixed media on panel within a 3D-printed ornamental frame, which aims to manipulate the standard boundary between artwork and surrounding picture frame.

The panel of judges consisting of Lindsay Broughton, Dr Jane Quon and David Keeling reported: “The winning work is sophisticated, fully realised with a deep felt love of nature. Using diverse media and techniques steeped in tradition, Laura has created an artwork that brings these techniques into the contemporary realm.”

Words from Laura:

“Winning the Inaugural Henry Jones Art Prize last year has had an amazing impact on my arts practice. The validation of my work that it provided gave my artistic confidence a rather healthy boost. Also, shortly after I was awarded an incredible commercial gallery in New York contacted me and I am currently working towards participating in their summer group exhibition in July 2019. 

Winning the vast prize money while heavily pregnant has also meant that I can take a longer period of maternity leave. I am currently deeply enjoying the balancing act of getting busy in the studio in between the nap times of my delightful baby girl.”


The votes have been counted and this year’s winner is Robert Brown for his painting Gums above Flowerpot Rock.  

Robert will receive $1,000 framing from Wagner Framemakers.  Congratulations Robert!


As promised one lucky voter was drawn at random to win a night at The Henry Jones Art Hotel.

That lucky person is Melinda Sari Scherpenzeel from Western Australia!  Congratulations!