Ange Cooper

Ange Cooper is a BFA graduate from the art school of Tasmania (UTAS) where she majored in printmaking and painting.

Since completing her degree in 2010, Ange has been working as a practising artist in her home-based studio and tutoring part time.

Born in Hobart, Tasmania, Ange grew up in the suburbs and was surrounded by bushland and sea. Her passion for the natural environment hasn’t faltered and her work is based predominantly around the Australian landscape.

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Somewhere between semi-abstract and the real my work explores coexistence of the organic and inorganic environment. Growing up in the suburbs surrounded by bushland and sea, my passion for the natural setting has always been present. My work is based predominantly around the Australian landscape with shack-like houses dotted throughout the environment or some small suggestion of a human made object.

Their visual appearance is not vital; what is important is the part they play in connecting people with nature, where stories are told and relationships develop.

Photos are taken of a place but only referenced in the beginning of my work. Endeavouring to capture the essence of a place, I work with colour, texture and expressive mark making, distillation of shapes and lyrical gestures.