Angus Douglas

Angus Douglas’ maternal and paternal ancestors were transported to Tasmania as convicts and later, buccaneers and free settlers. Their farming legacy remains amongst properties around the North Midlands. Douglas was born in Melbourne in 1975 and as a child he visited his grandmother on her farm ‘Woodhall’, at Perth in Tasmania’s north. In 2001 he moved there to live in a crumbling 1828 cottage on the property. He and Vanessa have two young children and Douglas sustains his art practice by conducting guide walks around the local area. In 2009 he exhibited his work in Frontier, a body of work resulting out of a solo walk around Port Davey.

Douglas began painting in watercolours, which evolved from his sketches he did whilst overseas in Asia, Europe and hitchhiking around the edge of Australia. He then undertook a painting course with Max Angus and Patricia Giles. Under their mentorship, along with encouragement from fellow artist and mentor Jerry Michalski, Douglas’ skills grew and enabled his move from paper to canvas. This was the medium that gave the artist greater contrast of colours and light, and more control of the paint, which is not so achievable in watercolour.