Diane Foster

Diane Foster completed her Master of Fine Art degree at the Tasmanian School of Art in 2012. She exhibits regularly throughout Tasmania and is a member of Hunter Island Press.

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My artworks investigate the effects of mining on the landscape and the paradoxical beauty of nature transformed by industry. I am intrigued by the relationship between the immensity of industrial buildings and the minutiae not always visible.

I search for signs of the ravages of time and history that are relentlessly worked on by natural and chemical elements. There is an apparent lack of order and predictability in these areas, but always the possibility of discovering beauty in some quiet or forgotten corner.

My vistas of industrial sites cannot be called ‘pretty’, yet I perceive something eerily beautiful and haunting in them. I bring small things into focus, enabling the minute and large to co-exist side by side. My works can appear to be enigmatic but, behind every image of industrial desolation, a hidden message can lie in the marks, scratches and signs of past human activity.

Images from the West Coast use a medley of surfaces, shapes and colours reminiscent of that landscape of copper and iron ore deposits. Using Photoshop, I manipulate points of view, exaggerating angles to emphasise scale and create spatial tension. This gives a heightened sense of power and strength. Colours, in particular, are given an almost toxic, psychedelic depth for more dramatic effect.

My images of manufactured landscapes become metaphors for a dilemma between attraction and repulsion. I want my audience to feel uneasy, to enter a world beyond the threshold of visibility and to question and reflect on our complacency about man-made environmental degradation. – Diane Foster 2012