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Frederic Moschberger

Fred Moschberger is a Hobart based Pen & Ink artist specializing in Tasmanian wildlife.  He has been producing art for the last few years from his studio and is a self-taught artist.

In a world where time seems to rush by ever faster and where our brain is literally saturated with digital visual stimulation, he explains that ‘we need to make a conscious effort to stop the distractions and take the time to reflect on the beauty and stunning variety of life offered in Nature’.

Fred primarily uses Archival Inks Stippling/Dot work (Pointillism) which is the creation of patterns simulating varying degrees of solidity or shading by using small dots. Pen & Ink Stippling has a unique way of highlighting details and contrast and Fred is ever striving to perfect the shading until the absence of colour is not perceived as a loss but rather as an advantage.

The Watchman

‘The Watchman’ (A Wedge Tailed Eagle on Bruny Island)

The man is hiding and waiting, his finger on the trigger…

The Watchman has landed for a meal, hungry but patient, he never lets his guard down.

The man is patient too, and determined, and now is the time, the trigger is pulled…

The Watchman is not dupe, at the faint sound of the trigger, he turns his frowning eyes to

the man’s hiding place, all feathers inflated with pride, and then makes his move…

Ultimately the man wins, a smile on his face, satisfied he turns away with his precious

picture as trophy…

…and The Watchman flies free another day!