Jay Song

Jay Song is a multidisciplinary artist, whose artworks range from large installations to functional furniture. He graduated from the University of Tasmania in 2018, completing his Batchelor of Fine Arts with Honours in Sculpture under the tutelage of Lucy Bleach and Sarah Stubbs.

Mountain Lamps

Jay has created a range of stoneware lamps for The Henry Jones Art Hotel, which compliment the historic sandstone walls in texture and speak of our beautiful mountainous landscape.

Sometimes in life a pause is needed. As a maker, the lamps are product of needing to pause. In a time of stress, I roll out a sheet of clay and without prior design consideration, start shaping, wrapping, tearing, manipulating and hole-punching the material to become a simple form. The intuitive process of turning the sheets of clay into lights is a way to celebrate the simple materiality of the earth, while also inviting the viewer to share my process, finding warmth, security and serenity in the light’s glow.