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John Ancher

Over the years John Ancher has held several exhibitions of paintings and drawings in Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart. The most recent a joint show with daughter Anna Ancher at the Quadrant Gallery in Melbourne. Following a thirteen year stint as Art Curator of the Hutchins Art Prize, which concluded in 2015,  Ancher is finally able to think of himself as a painter who writes.

Pageant of the Harlequin Trees

What if the chlorophyll greens of forest foliage exudes a joy index undetectable by scientific measurement? Perhaps, though invisible to humans, the joy index is felt instinctively by birds.

Pageant of the Harlequin Trees offers an extended array of Tasmanian forest images in the key of ‘joy’. Harlequin trees wear vivid fancy dress. They are camouflaged, like parrots, obtrusively. They are visionary yet practically unimaginable.

The paintings have all been enhanced by an icon representing the initiated observer. Words convey the initiated observer’s privileged interpretation of image content.  A poem unfolds.