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Julia Castiglioni-Bradshaw

As an painter, Julia is engaged with the formal aspects of line, colour, shape, tone, composition. Yet, as an artist these elements merge into illusion, atmosphere, and emotion.

The sedimentary layers of paint are evidence of saturated colours merging, building up spatial depths and resonance.
Pictorial elements are embedded and forms of flowers and other botanical motifs emerge and float within the colour fields, while the mark making , or fields of patterns, shift the focus, bringing a reference to a natural pattern which has been identified and heightened, that can further provide a structure or promote the painterly surface .

The paintings evolve like a year’s worth of seasons, so that as one moment gives way, another emerges, in a constant build up and erasure of marks.

Castiglioni Bradshaw completed Bachelor of Visual Arts, Honours, ANU, School of Art, while her extensive travels both in Europe and South America have brought a strong colour and abstraction awareness to her practise. Her work has been highlighted in numerous shows including The Lloyd Rees Art Prize, 2017 and been acquired by private collections across Australia, Europe and Hong Kong.