Lucia Rossi

Lucia Rossi works with ongoing themes of place, space & illusion, as well as de-construction and re-construction. Her works frequently deal with spacial relations of the subject and the viewer. Lucia is currently based in Melbourne after fifteen years of practice between Tasmania and France. Her works have predominantly incorporated the photographic medium, as well as site-specific installation. She often uses her self as subject within her works, combined with methods of performance and choreography. Her characters and scenes are haunting, surreal and sometimes humorous.

From 1999 to 2008, Rossi spent almost a decade working plein-air in Tasmania, Australia, developing themes of body and mythology in relation to the island’s Precambrian landscape. Major works include Isola Corpo (2008), Cradle (2006), and Unnatural Expectations (2002). Using rituals of choreography between natural form, body and camera, Rossi projects a figure that is somewhat out-of-this-world, and which appears to become one with it’s environs. The super-natural element of this central figure by contrast, highlights the dis-connect of human relationshions to nature and the environment. Lucia graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, at the Tasmanian College of Art in 2003, has been awarded two Arts Tasmania Wilderness Residencies, and several public art commissions for the Tasmanian ArtSite Scheme.

Isola Corpo

‘I have a big problem with a world that does not really understand the value and importance of nature in both cultivated and wild places – especially the latter which is becoming increasingly threatened. We would be a much more advanced civilisation if we truly respected and understood the role of nature in the spiritual and physical well-being of humanity and the planet. I thank my parents who gave me a huge gift by immigrating to Tasmania. It’s so in my heart; and has instilled in me a love and regard for nature.’ – Lucia Rossi