Ros Meeker

Ros Meeker is a local print maker living in the beautiful area of Snug.  Since graduating from the University of Tasmania’s School of Creative Arts,  Ros  has set up a print making studio in her home, where she can focus on her art.  Her artworks lighthearted motifs, inspired by her surrounds in Tasmania such as the intricate details of our rugged mountains or the currawongs on The Overland Track.   Ros takes joy in creating artworks around puns, her works often embracing their titles, which are inevitably a play on words.

In her Lake St Claire series Ros explores the idea of the cheeky currawongs on the walking tracks became the tour guides for the area.  Usually known for their inquisitive nature and their ability to open backpacks in order to steal food from unsuspecting bush walkers, the birds in her artworks advise the viewer on what to eat, or wear, or do whilst in their environment.

In her more recent series, Ros ‘fashions’ landscapes of the Tasmanian wilderness using intricate lace and embroidery.