Ruth Frost

Place of Residence

In 2009 I was lucky enough to be invited to photograph at Oak Lodge (an historic home in Richmond) as part of the Ten Days on the Island Trust initiative.  Although the property had a rich and varied history with a number of celebrated occupants what became increasingly important for me was the interior space of the house as a significant site in itself.

I have continued this approach with the historic National Trust properties of Home Hill, Franklin House, Clarendon and Runnymede, as well as The Steppes located in the Central Highlands. Returning on many occasions to observe and photograph, I use the delicate passage of light as a metaphor for an ephemeral human presence within these important places of residence, while the detail that is enabled by the use of a large format camera has allowed me to emphasize the enduring physical nature of the interior space.

Light animates these interiors. I use it as a metaphor for the lives and memories confined within the house itself and as a way of bringing these two realities together.