To ensure the continued safety of our customers and staff, from 18 February 2022, we request anyone over the age of 12 entering our premises be fully vaccinated or have an approved exemption. This is in addition to following the applicable current government restrictions.  If you need to adjust your accommodation or dining booking, please contact reservations on 03 6210 7700.

Suellen Saidee Cook

Suellen Saidee Cook uses her own photographic resources to construct a narrative that taps into the viewer’s emotional responses to the world around them. Each image is composed of multiple layers of photographs (sometimes up to 50!) seamlessly melded together to create a new story.

Her artworks are mysterious, whimsical and surreal, capturing the viewer’s imagination, and drawing them closer to immerse themselves in the detail that is sometimes not immediately evident.

Growth Rings

The exhibition, Growth Rings, is a whimsical look at how life changed during the Covid-19 self- solation events of 2020. Despite feeling quite uncertain, scared even, about what was happening and very creatively unmotivated one night, out of the blue, the muse came to visit so I got out of bed and started journaling. Growth Rings was the result. It became a series of 12 images that explore the quirks and whimsies of everyday life as I (and many others) experienced during compulsory isolation or lockdown as it became known. Growth Rings looks at many of the emotions and the humour of new experiences that changed our behaviour. From learning new skills to finding ways to amuse ourselves at home. Not forgotten was the sadness of losing love ones. The images are infused with our resilience to adversity and finding a clear way forward as the fog lifts on a new day.